Day 12 - The Horror of Writing

I have just written an amusing, little blog post about weather and writing, and how they might be related, and it's all gone now. Poof! One-click of a button and it all disappeared into nothingness as if I hadn't spent an hour writing it. An hour in which I could have finished reading Chapter 12 of my book so I can write Chapter 17. How do other writers cope with technology when it does this? Seriously, in a matter of seconds, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I feel like suing the entire company who created the website software. I feel entitled to moral damages for the sweat I've put in that hour of creative work, especially since I liked how it turned out.

Now, there will be no analysis on the role of weather on the writing process, no debating on why February was such a “prolific“ month for my writing, compared to January, no wondering how J. K. Rowling managed to come up with the entire series of Harry Potter while back home from Portugal. I might have come to a genius conclusion and now the world will never know it! Is that fair? How am I supposed to live with such a burden (and such irritation) all by myself? Is there a therapy group for writers when they enter the Pit of Darkness in the World of Annoyance? If not, I should start one.

So, retracing the last paragraph of my forever-gone blog post, I was saying that come spring, I have gathered my crumbs of courage, my all too many pieces of fear and doubt and have seated my ass in the chair to continue the journey of my fantasy novel. It’s not much left until it’s finished yet the busy schedule, the life events and the resilient procrastination which the writer in me is cursed with, are making it hard to keep my fingers on the keyboard. It could be finished in two months if I kept at it on a daily basis but why should it be so easy when it can be complicated?  

On a serious note now, what does it take when it comes to writing and finishing the first draft? Ambition? Commitment? Self-discipline? Self-confidence?

I might never know for sure.

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