Day 9 - Sick Day

       There are some days when a writer truly struggles to sit in front of the desk and work. Those are the days when he doesn’t want to procrastinate but he finds it really difficult to put words on a page or brainstorm the story. Those are the days when the writer is sick (because he is a human being), when his day job takes his toll on him (reached home at an ungodly hour and can barely stand his feet) or an emotional state troubles him so much that incapacitates him entirely. We all have those days. Do not fret or despair, don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself a break. You can have a break if you know and you feel it’s just that - a break and not a preview to indefinite procrastination.

       Today was one of those days. I still managed to brainstorm my story and see how it continues, because I couldn’t just stand there, feel sick and guilty at the same time. I couldn’t write today but at least I changed some future scenes that had to be changed. Unexpectedly, despite my physical indisposition, I could come up with some great ideas, where the story lacked consistency and credibility. What’s more, is that my first book might have only 9 chapters to go. That means I’ve written more than half of the book; I could finish my manuscript in 6 months if I kept a steady pace.

      Talk about perseverance and constant effort, and how two days can change one’s perspective.

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