Day 19 - Inspiring Mornings

I love the mornings when you wake up with an irresistible need and enthusiasm to write; to pick up your projects from where you left them and make up for the lost time, a time when you either procrastinated or you were detained to do any writing. Those mornings make you feel so alive, your passion makes so much sense that you fail to see why you doubted yourself for so long. It’s as if you finally know why you chose to do what you do and find no reason why you would stop - whereas before you only saw obstacles and failures in your path. Those are the days you cherish the most and wish there were more.

I’ve been a bit absent these few days though I promised consistency. Even if I know it was not procrastination that stopped me from writing I cannot help feeling guilty for having lost more time. But guilt is a constant companion of a writer on his journey, among others, and I know that if I want to banish it away I must pick up from where I left - the sooner the better.

‘Don’t kill your dream’, they say. Today seems to be a wonderful day to go by that. Who said Sundays are always awful?  

Words written: 713

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