Day 13 - Beating Perfectionism

I noticed that perfectionism decreases as the level of tiredness goes up. Probably because you can no longer concentrate on how the phrases sound, or obsess over whether that word is accurate or a better synonym would make the paragraph more interesting, whether there should be a comma before ‘but’ or the verbs’ tenses are grammatically correct. When you are really tired all you want to do is write the number of words Scrivener or Word shows you have to write to reach the project’s target, so that you can lay down in bed. You know that what you write must and will be edited eventually but you easily accept that that is a task for later and you truly don’t stress over it. You feel accomplished because you've done your job for the day, you've written a scene. And that feels so good - to be able to just write without that constant nudge in your head that you should reread it a thousand times until it sounds perfect.

In that state of tiredness (having a major headache as well) I managed to write 352 words in chapter 15, after six months of having not written a thing. My book’s target showed that 416 words should be written every day on working days but that wordcount, in those circumstances, was beyond any human power; in the end, I declared myself more than satisfied for having broken the ice, after so long a time.

On an optimistic note, it was a promising beginning on beating perfectionism. 

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