Contemptuous Time

Falling into nothingness, possessed by the emptiness of her entire being, the spirit of the young lady was traveling beyond time and space. It was like an endless and colorless corridor that made her feel neither fear nor peace of mind. She wasn’t aware of her body anymore and didn’t dare to ask herself why. The void was all around her.

Suddenly, everything stopped: the crazy race through the strange corridor, her thoughts, her wonderings and that annoying feeling of nothing. It was as if the blessing of gravity had come back to her: Eve was now standing in front of two big gates framed with diamond sparkles. Up above, the sky seemed to have been painted by a child who had played with all the blue hues in such a harmonious and delicate way that she could swear it came out from a dream. Beyond the opening gates a wonderful picture revealed in front of her eyes. It was not a small park with trees here and there, neither an exotic square with abundant vegetation, but a whole green universe, an overflowing of wild nature.

Staring at the world before her, Eve was holding her breath so to not make any sound that could disturb the angelical atmosphere, for fear that in a moment everything would disappear without any trace of existence. She felt at peace just by watching the wonder that she was blessed to see; it was an image that no eye could behold entirely. Confused as to where she should look first, the young lady was continuously distressed by an imaginary hourglass counting down the time left for her to delight in that mysterious Paradise.

There were the mountains in the horizon, with their cliffs dancing in the milky fog; there, in the baby-blue sky, the Sun and the Moon lived in clover, like a king and a queen who were to rule forever; there, the endless forests and the great falls of water that seemed to have no spring; there, the chirping birds and the multitude of smells, so tempting and pleasant that they made Eve close her eyes in exaltation. Beyond the field of grass, overlooking even the imposing mountains and the hypnotizing falls of the silver water, there stood, like an invincible, sly enemy of the Spirit, the Prohibited Tree. Seeing it and remembering the Ancestors’ sin, Eve sighed and hesitated at the temptation to pass through the inviting gates. Just when her foot made a step towards the entrance, she was pulled back by a dark force, coming from nowhere, wresting a scream out of her.

Blurred images and the memory of a far-away land made Eve feel breathless, although her lungs were supplied with oxygen through the mask. Opening her eyes, the only thing that she could remember was the lost world which she had left so suddenly. With a pang of regret she realized it had not been her time to go.

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