About Me

An Impassioned Writer

I’ve always liked reading yet only in my teens I started writing. I began with poetry, hundreds of them; they calmed my spirit and the words I put on the page let my mind be at ease. Only later did I find out that something sparked inside of me when thinking about writing a book - so, I'm a late bloomer, if you will. Bit by bit, while working a demanding day job, I started creating a story. A whole world blossomed in my mind, as ideas flooded my imagination, and in a couple of months I sketched the maps, the characters and their storylines, the turns and twists of the plot, the beginning, the middle and the end of the tale. Now, I'm working on the first draft of my first book; it's been a few years since I began this writing journey and with each day, more of the road ahead is unveiling. I'm hopeful it will be an amazing adventure, as it has been so far, and that it will reveal both the beacons of light and the dark corners of my imagination that has laid dormant for so long. 
Also, I'm a full time working person, so please be patient. Though I'm not (patient, hehe), I'm also stubborn and will not give up, no matter how long it takes. You can definitely call me a night owl - I hate early mornings. 

That being said, nice to meet you and I wish you happy reading!